“It is always exciting to work with Erin because her use of shape, color and texture creates complimentary tension so equally balanced that the end result is nothing short of peaceful and beautiful.”

Stacey L. Chase – Chase Painting Company

“I have worked with Erin and Kismet Design many times over the last ten years on several projects in my home. Erin has redesigned my kitchen, my bathroom, my family room, my guest bedroom and the lighting in my yard! She brings her many talents and fantastic eye to the job every time and makes suggestions that both maximize the space and add beautiful artistic flair to each room. Without a doubt, she has an amazing sense of lighting and can use it to brighten any space both inside and outside of your home! Through her years of experience, she has acquired a vast repertoire of materials and knows how to use them creatively to maximize their value and help the client realize their dream. Erin will help you envision what you want in your design and then follow the job all of the way through the construction to be certain that the work is artistically completed. I can’t imagine having done this work without her! Thanks Kismet for making my home both more livable and more beautiful!”

Merilee Bales

“I selected Erin as designer for an interior revamp of my townhouse. The first, and most important, thing we did was to establish a “vision” which involved getting to know each other pretty well and collaborating until things crysatlized into an agreement on where we were headed. This was broken into components which had to be articulated and detailed. These two things, the vision and the plan, were the reasons I wanted a designer and I have have found her her skills definately up to the task in both areas. On top of being competent, she is fun to work with. She has brought ideas to the plan I would never have thought of. “

George Allan

“Erin has offered concise, detailed advice on readers’ design conundrums, from floor plan questions to curb appeal challenges in our ask-the-pro magazine feature, ‘Ranch Dressing.’ Her years of experience, stylistic range and humor come through in these replies, making communication one of her top attributes. And her suggestions range from budget-driven solutions to ‘You know what would be great?’ ideas that kick it up a notch.”

Michelle Gringeri-Brown – Editor, Atomic Ranch magazine

“Erin is an artistic genius who can effectively size up an interior design project and provide immediate direction and guidance while always remaining attuned to the client’s goals, budgets and timeframes.”

Barbara Brainard

“The minute Erin walks into a room, you can feel the wheels turning in her head as she begins to visualize colors, shapes and ideas for change. As she puts a voice to her observations and ideas, I can feel the room come alive with possibilities. There is a confidence about her that comes from years of experience at what she does, and an innate gift of being able to visualize transformation. I always trust her creative judgement and ideas, and feel such relief that I am not in the project alone.”

Diane Lieppman

Erin of Kismet Design is a pleasure to work with. Her clients always seem to leave with a smile and happy with the way their dream kitchen is developing, thanks to Erin’s positive and optimistic attitude and direction.

Thom Feller – BASCO – Builder’s Appliance Supply Co.

Erin is always a pleasure to do business with! She knows the importance of functionality AND design.

Tina Stofiel – AKBD Showroom Manager

I’ve worked with Erin at Kismet on several residential projects and have always found it a rewarding experience. She has called upon my enhancement department to complete the landscaping around her sites. Few designers take the time and effort to incorporate the customer’s ideas into her overall concept as seamlessly as Erin. She always attacks a job with a vision, but understands the need to modify the plan when we run into unforeseen obstacles. And, best of all, she’s just a fun person to be around. I can’t recommend her work highly enough.

Jim Pranger – Special Services Manager – Teufel Landscape

Having worked with Erin on many diverse projects—from heavily used apartment building common areas to interior finishes throughout a single family home to straightforward color consultation—I always welcome her sense of timeless beauty and practical, easy function. Her thoughtful balance of these competing goals is appreciated long after a project is finished.

Travis Phillips – Project Manager, Portland Community Reinvestment Initiatives


You may already know that I generally do not enjoy the home improvement process. However, after the experience of working with you on our last two projects, I have changed my mind. I want to emphasize the genius of your skill set to all the people who think that they can not afford a quality designer and project manager. You are detailed, thorough, flexible, creative, budget minded, and I know you really cared that our needs were met. My husband and I highly recommend you to all your potential clients and look forward to working with you on the kitchen.

S. Kangas

Erin Marshall has a design signature that is all her own. Unique, timeless and creative without ever loosing touch of the clients own vision. As a tile installer, it is always exciting to work with Erin. Her sense of color and texture always transports us away from the mundane and trite into a world of possibilities that leaves me thinking…”I wish I would have thought of that.”
If that’s not enough, she’s organized, resourceful, flexible and just plain fun to work with.

Dirk Sullivan – Hawthorne Tile

As home builders, we sometimes rely too much on what we’ve built in the past to define what we will build in the future.  Erin Marshall at Kismet Design helps my company to break beyond mediocre.  Erin infuses our products with better style, design, and functionality.  She nudges us out of our comfort zone of boring beige toward a larger palette of opportunities.  Erin Marshall’s passion to make our projects stand out as something special is much appreciated.

Travis Brooks – Construction Manager, Bluestone Homes Inc.