Color Consultation

Color consultation is one of my favorite tasks as an interior designer because it creates an emotional change as well as a physical change very quickly.

living room color

Living room color design.

We humans, change our environments to suit our needs and the environment we create in turn, changes us. Color excites or soothes us; it can make a space look bigger or a room actually “feel” warmer. As far as major change, new color in a room is the fastest, least expensive way to create a new and different look.

Most people wear their palettes. Whenever a new client does not know what colors they prefer, I ask to see their closets. Whether one lean towards warm colors or cools, hue (color) is actually less important than value (light-dark ratio). Choosing color is not a mystery but it does take a certain amount of confidence, experience and direction.

When I am called to a color consult, I take into account these aspects:

  • Client color preference
  • Natural light in the room
  • Woodwork-casing color
  • Ceiling heights and color
  • Function of the room
  • Rugs and furnishings
  • Segues in to other areas
  • Vintage of the house
exterior color - red house

Single-family home exterior color design.

exterior color - alberta condos

Exterior color design for condos.








Typically, a color consult for a series of rooms on the main floor of a house might take a couple hours. That assumes the client is decisive and trusting. I choose colors based on the considerations above, and maybe an option or two, then offer a palette up for approval. More often than not customers want to run it by their spouse or housemate and need time to see the chip in various lights. Often, I will get a larger sample from the paint store and drop it by. Once color is approved, I work off of a template I have developed that specifies the area to be painted, the name and # code of paint, the sheen and any special notes for the painter. Typically, I specify high quality, low VOC paint that is washable, scrubbable, easy to retouch and color fast. I pass on my discounts to my clients, which can help ensure that the painter does not mark up the paint or switch it to a lesser brand.

interior color - orange walls

Living room color design.

I also often to meet with the painter, and check color after the prep has been done. The entire process takes approximately 4-5 hours and costs about $500.

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